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Welcome to my photo proofing site! I hope you enjoy everything you see here. Please feel free to contact me via e-mail to schedule and appointment or to place an order!

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Please feel free to e-mail me at any time. I do have a second job working for the Atlantic Community School. This takes me away from my studio during school hours. Please call and leave a message at the studio and I will return it as soon as I am available.
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I started up A Moment In Time Photography studio after graduating college in May of 2010. I started out with a small home based studio for roughly 2 years. It was very small and cramped but I made it work! I am now 27 and have battled quite a few ups and downs. I opened my first out of home studio in 2013 only to have to shut it down after a short 5 months due to building issues. These issues were beyond my control and some I could not fix. I didn't let this beat me and have now found a permanent location and successfully opened my shop Atlantic, Iowa. It has been an amazing journey this far and I thank each and every one of you that has stuck with me so far. I have to give credit to my parents who have been here for me from day one and are always willing to come help out when need be. Dad is always there to fix the broken things and Mom who attends every wedding with me and is basically an employee. I also need to give thanks to Ann Kirchner for lighting the fire that started my love for photography and desire to achieve this goal. I hope to keep advancing in the world of photography and helping families like yours capture those special moments. So please feel free to contact me at any time to visit or set up an appointment. I am always willing to talk about the session types I have available. I am proud to provide quality images at a very affordable price. I would love the chance to meet you and your family. To those of you that are here to view your proofs I hope you enjoy them! If you have any questions regarding them or the ordering process please contact me!
Thank You
Mallory J. Kirchhoff

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Rigal Unaiz(non-registered)
All these works of yours would be considered worthy of a detailed study material for youngers in helping them out on entering into this field. There is a lot more to your work than what meets the human eye.

::: :::
Love the pictures of Steve and Diane! You're very talented! Keep up the good work!
Skylar Ihrke(non-registered)
Did a great job on Sariya baby pictures and on my pictures for school. Lest not for get the good ones of me and Kyle.
Dawn Freund
Love the pics of all the Jipsen Grandchildren! You did a great job!
Jeri Croxell(non-registered)
Great pix of Sam and Travis's wedding Mal!
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